DROPS 15 treatments

Three treatments in combination with different DROPS 15 support you with several purification and transformation processes. They form a powerful but at the same time gentle way to come to a deep level of self-healing.

DROPS 15 treatments: KICKSTART 15 treatment


Supports each transformation process on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

This treatment for six weeks supports each transformation process autonomously on all levels: from the spiritual over the mental and emotional up to the physical level. The KICKSTART 15 treatment contains three DROPS 15:

  1. TÉ 15: opens the heart chakra so that everything can begin to flow. The beginning of everything!

  2. CHANGE 15: accompanies each transformation process in a unique way, starting on a spiritual level and continuing with the mental and emotional.

  3. ISONO 15: unblocks and stimulates the self-healing power within the body on a physical, emotional and mental level, right up to the energetic DNA.

It is strongly recommended to also take EMO 15 during this treatment.

DROPS 15 treatments: energetic CLEANSE 15 treatment supports the body during detoxification


Supports the body during detoxification processes.

This treatment takes five weeks and consists of four sorts of drops. CLEANSE 15 supports the body with:

  • detoxification and regeneration of the lymph and immune system on a parasitic, bacterial and viral level;

  • detoxification of heavy metals;

  • detoxification of the liver, gall bladder and kidneys;

  • detoxification of toxins from chemicals, pesticides, air pollution, bacteria and fungi;

  • detoxification of the sexual organs and repair of the hormonal balance.

DROPS 15 treatments: MASTER 15 treatment


The MASTER 15 treatment is made up from the transformation treatment KICKSTART 15 and the cleansing treatment CLEANSE 15 , complemented by ENERGY 15, which supports the flow of energy.

A complete treatment for four months that will bring you into balance on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

Discover also our individual DROPS 15 products and the ELEMENTS 15, based on the five elements from the traditional Chinese art of medicine.