How do the DROPS 15 work?


‘I feel much more relaxed and more focussed when I take EMO 15 . I sleep much better.’
‘The combination of LOVE 15 en EMO 15 works very well for me. I feel more energetic and happy. I take more initiative to sort out old matters that I kept putting off.’
‘My therapist recommended that I use CLEANSE 15. I had been suffering from abdominal cramps around my liver for several months. After a couple of weeks they had completely gone. At the end of the treatment I felt much more energetic and that feeling has remained.’
‘My 2 year old son had problems with fears and was unable to get to sleep. Since I have been giving him EMO 15 , he sleeps much better and is much quieter during the day.’
‘I suffered with a lot of major muscle cramps for quite some while. No single product, treatment or diet was able to help me permanently. A therapist finally recommended CLEANSE 15 to me. I noticed that my urine smelt much stronger and was darker than normal. My therapist told me that my body was de-acidifying. The muscle cramps quickly became less, in frequency as well as intensity. After a month they had completely gone.’
‘For quite some time I had been feeling lethargic for the majority of the day. In the evenings I had far too much energy and found it difficult to get to sleep. My therapist recommended that I use LOVE 15 and RHYTHM 15 . I feel much more peaceful in the evenings and can get to sleep much more easily. In the morning I am well rested, I have more energy and my energy is much more balanced during the whole day.’

All advantages of the DROPS 15 energetic drops